what people
are doing nearby
them if you
like it
If they
and see
the location

See whats going on around you
right now

Some placeholder text here

3rd grade peeps we are preparing for the coming exam, join!

Coffee break anyone around?

Hey readers around! let's swap books, I have 3 awesome fictions with me ready to give away

Join me for a creative collaboration, doing some grafitti art right now

I need some volunteers to test my project, I treat you a coffee :)

Drink o'clock

Let's jam

Open area rock concert, just started

Join us for an open contemporary dance class

Join me for club crawling!

Join the grand opening of Cremela ice cream shop, buy one get two

Spring fest at English garden, drinks, food, music, cool people

Summer party, amazing music, first drink is on house, join!

Open area movie screening, hurry up it's starting in 10 minutes

Hey Vegans, let's cook something together

Cocktail party at my friend's garden

Doing a vinyasa yoga flow at the park, join my practice

Just found a roof in the city with an amazing view

Grab you swimwears and join for the pool party, will be on till midnight

A really cool band playing funk around the corner, come over here to enjoy!

Team study at the library right now!

I discovered the cheapest record store/cafe in town, let's chat over a coffee